Jun 10 '15

The lumens for a NEW 400W Metal Halide would be around 36,000 Lumens… although the initial lumen output of a Metal Halide fixture may be quite high, metal halide fixtures are known for their poor lumen maintenance. The average 400w Metal Halide fixture emits only 65% of its initial lumens by the time it hits Mean lamp life (40% of total lamp life or 8000 hours) and as low as 40% of its initial lumens by the end of lamp life.


1000 Watt Metal Halide Lose 50% Even Faster…1000WMH lamps are rated for a life of around 11,000 hours. So in keeping in the characteristics of metal halide they would produce the light output of a 400 WMH lamp in roughly 5,000 to 6,000 hours of use.  This means that you are only getting 50% of the output from your 1000WMH, but you are still burning 1058 watts.  You are getting 1/2 the light for 100% of the cost of operating the fixture.