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0:00 How it all began 2012-2018 with Mance Harmon, Hedera's Co-founder & CEO
5:11 Fundamental problems with public distributed ledger technology
9:34 Software stack with core native services
10:48 Hedera's launch in New York City recap
12:03 Hedera Hashgraph Phase 1, Phase 2, Hedera18 Global Hackathon and Phase 3
15:42 Where does Hedera Hashgraph go from here?
18:15 Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council and initial members announcement
32:30 Hedera Hashgraph's vision with Dr. Leemon Baird, Co-founder & Chief Scientist
38:36 How is Hedera Hashgraph different from blockchains and other ledgers?
51:59 Hedera Network Roadmap - Proof of Stake (staking and proxy staking), Micropayments, Payments, Data Queries (GDPR), Mirror Net and Sharding
1:03:27 How to determine future Governing Council Members and a quick review of Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom Blockchain, Nomura, Magazine Luiza (now Magalu) and DLA Piper
1:10:40 Asset tokenization with Scott Thiel, Partner, DLA Piper
1:24:35 Panel discussion on DLT Applications with Friedrich Kurz, Global Head Blockchain Partnerships, Deutsche Telekom and Kamal Youssefi, Industry Lead, Swisscom Blockchain moderated by Zenobia Godschalk, VP Communications, Hedera Hashgraph
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