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Hedera Co-founders, Dr. Leemon Baird, and Mance Harmon join SVP of Communications, Zenobia Godschalk, to answer questions directly from the community in our monthly Town Hall.
0:00 Welcome
2:47 Community Town Hall format
3:38 Why does there need to be a transaction fee to make an ID on Hedera and how can networks such as Bitcoin and Ether support not having one?
6:34 Does the HBAR treasury account have the right to freeze, wipe or delete any other HBAR mainnet account?
8:08 Can a wallet running on Hedera be wrapped by a NFT using the token service?
9:09 Currently, to run a node, it requires expensive hardware and at least 1 gigabit internet connection. How do you get from this to being able to run a node from a cell phone? Hedera only runs as fast as its slowest node. Permissionless nodes will presumably require lower hardware/network specs so that more people/nodes can participate in the consensus. Is this the case? Will the speed of the network be affected if there are lower hardware/network requirements for a node?
10:58 Thinking about aBFT. When GC members run nodes in Cloud, is there a concern to run in different countries in order to mitigate some kind of ban like those that happen in China with Bitcoin?
12:55 What network effects do you think will emerge from enterprise adoption of Hedera?
16:17 What is the best way for an artist to get in contact with Hedera to create an NFT and smart contract for their unreleased music.
12:56 What's the relationship between Hedera and Immutable Holding? 
21:40 There have been some twitter accounts voicing concerns over the change in circulating supply and the council approved 4.4B Hbar budget for H2 2021. How are the 4.4 Billion tokens being sold? Are these being sold directly on exchange? Do any of the tokens being sold have lock up periods?
24:32 How much hbar does Hedera sell each month? Are those for tax purposes?
28:08 Mance, when you talked about one step function that would take the crypto space by surprise where TPS would increase drastically, were you talking about Hedera specifically or the DLT space in general?
29:46 Am I correct in thinking that the way DLTs operate in general (not just Hedera), with equally privileged peers, distributed around the globe and no need to trust any single node, is also the same principal behind the Hedera Governing Council? We hear criticism of the council for having large corporations on-board but surely if the critics understand what makes DLTs themselves so revolutionary then they can understand why the Governing Council is no different. Google or IBM are no more privileged than Magalu, UCL or The Indian Institute of Technology Madras, they all have equal votes.
33:05 What controls does Hedera have over the HBAR Foundation?
35:57 Interoperability has been a topic for a while now. I'm seeing various options from multiple DLT/blockchains. This seems counter productive. Is there a standard being developed? What is Hedera's viewpoint and solution for interoperability going forward?
38:12 How will funds dedicated for development of HBAR ecosystem be distributed (10.3B coins)? Can you be specific about the schedule and about the amount of coins that will be deployed for new projects each year?
41:38 What do Mance and Leemon say to the people who claim the energy used for mining bitcoin
44:10 Could you talk a bit about sharding and how it will work? Will it be totally abstracted away from the users of the platform? E.g. will smart contracts have to be written to account for the sharded architecture?
46:52 The Hashgraph consensus protocol specifies a method to calculate a network-assigned median transaction time. Would you consider also specifying in the protocol an inductive method which will allow nodes to compute the time at which this network time was assigned, and at what time that time was assigned, et cetera ad infinitum? Also, the Hashgraph whitepaper does not seem to specify which parents should be assigned to a newly created event
49:20 Mance, can you share with us more about the POC announced with Shinhan Bank?
53:18 Leemon, what role does the Metaverse play in your vision of Shared Worlds?
59:10 What were your favorite foods from your Thanksgiving meal?
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