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The Hedera Smart Contract Service is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible and runs Solidity, a programming language used by 30% of all Web3 developers. Hedera’s Smart Contracts 2.0 equips Solidity and EVM compatible smart contracts with the versatility of Hedera’s tokenization infrastructure by supporting native Hedera tokens and NFTs with the Hedera Token Service. This creates heightened flexibility for users, allowing developers to assess the usability of smart contracts and incorporate the capabilities of hashgraph-based tokenization to their programming.
Developers utilizing Smart Contracts 2.0 are offered low, predictable gas fees facilitated by the hashgraph consensus algorithm. Hedera can process up to 15 million gas per second, the same as what Ethereum aims to achieve in an entire block. Transactions associated with Smart Contracts 2.0 also benefit from Hedera’s high transaction speeds and security standards. The Hedera network utilizes hashgraph to achieve Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT), which is the highest grade of security possible for a distributed ledger and means that no single person or group can prevent the algorithm from reaching consensus.
The Hedera Smart Contract Service is carbon negative, thanks to Hedera’s commitment to sustainability as a core value and network advantage at layer 1. Hedera’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism has been proven to consume vastly less energy per transaction than other protocols.
Hedera Smart Contracts 2.0 comes at a significant time for the organization, following the recent announcement of the move to open source hashgraph, to mark the Hedera codebase open source in its entirety. Once open source, any user or developer will be able to use or modify the underlying code and contribute to the network.
Developer resources:
Website: https://hedera.com/get-started
Testnet Access: https://portal.hedera.com​
GitHub: https://github.com/hashgraph​
Docs: https://docs.hedera.com/guides​
Whitepapers: https://hedera.com/papers​
FAQ: https://help.hedera.com
Chat: https://hedera.com/discord​
Join our community to learn more:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hedera​
Telegram: https://t.me/hederahashgraph​
Discord: https://hedera.com/discord​
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