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For this technically-focused “DLT and Blockchain in the Real World” webinar, we'll be joined by Navindra Yadav, Theom’s Co-Founder and CEO and Supreeth Rao, Theom's Co-Founder and CTO. Theom is a fully managed Cloud Data Protection Platform that empowers enterprises to establish DLT- based trust practices for data protection.
Theom utilizes Hedera Consensus Service to create an auditable log of events, ensuring that any action taken on customer data by Theom or the customer’s cloud provider is provable. This ensures that no data is tampered with or moved outside of the customer’s environment. Customers can act on Theom’s risk remediations with confidence that it’s proven by Hedera.
In this webinar, Navindra will dive into how Theom works, the business challenges of offering zero trust data protection, the technical architecture and implementation of Hedera Consensus Service, and a demo of the platform.
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