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I was contacted to hack a Trezor One hardware wallet and recover $2 million worth of cryptocurrency (in the form of THETA). Knowing that existing research was already out there for this device, it seemed like it would be a slam dunk. Little did I realize the project would turn into a roller coaster ride with over three months of experimentation, failures, successes, and heart-stopping moments. It reminded me that hacking is always unpredictable, exciting, and educational, no matter how long you've been doing it. In this case, the stakes were higher than normal: I only had one chance to get it right.
Read about it on The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2022/1/24/22898712/crypto-hardware-wallet-hacking-lost-bitcoin-ethereum-nft
Check out Joe Grand here:
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/JoeGrand
Website: http://www.grandideastudio.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/joegrand
Special thanks to:
wallet.fail: https://wallet.fail
Colin O'Flynn: https://twitter.com/colinoflynn
NewAE Technology: https://newae.com
Macdonald Entertainment Partners: https://macdonaldentertainmentpartners.com
Chase McDaniel: https://www.mercuryroadmedia.com
Dan Reich: https://danreich.com/i-had-2-million-dollars-in-crypto-locked-on-a-wallet
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