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I was recently invited down to the London School of Economics by Dr. Carsten Sørensen to talk about crypto and more importantly Hedera!
This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Dr. Sørensen, to give you a little background, Dr. Carsten Sørensen holds a BSc in Mathematics, an MSc in computer science and a PhD. in Information Systems, he has extensive experience in the Tech space, and he has consulted for some of the largest companies in the world, namely Google and Microsoft.
With the London School of Economics being a Governing Council Member of Hedera Hashgraph, Dr. Sørensen is able to give a great insight into some of the day to day things council members do for the Hashgraph.
00:55 - Who was the driving force behind the LSE becoming a Governing Council Member?
02:55 - What about Hedera made you thing it had potential for both B-to-B and B-to-C?
05:20 - What specifically attracted you to Hedera?
15:10 - What are the general day to day activities/responsibilities of a council member?
17:30 - How does the voting/pitching new ideas work for the council?
19:20 - When going Open Source, how was that decided?
22:30 - Could you, as a council member propose a large change to the network? (a drastic example would be, burn 50% of all HBAR down to 25bn)
23:35 - Does LSE have any use cases for Hedera at the moment?
27:15 - When you say 'substantial' can you please elaborate?
38:40 - What consequences do you see us facing in the future with DLT adoption? decentralisation etc
45:05 - Who would you like to see join Hederas governing council
49:50 - Do you know if there has been any contact with the likes of Apple, Tesla or Amazon to join the governing council?
48:50 - Do you think Apple are more likely to build their own DLT, or partner with a per-existing one?
54:40 - Is promoting Hedera to the wider world a priority to governing council members?
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