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The biggest swell of the 2021 - 2022 winter hits Nazaré, Portugal for some of the biggest waves of the season in this XXXL massive wave session. The swell ended up being a lot more north and wasn't as clean as expected. But never the less there was massive waves ridden and at the end of the day everyone came in safe and that's what its all about.
Additional Shots from Benjamin Arena @BARENA FILM & SPORTS of Chumbo getting ready in the morning to go out to nazare as well as the land angle of that crazy air drop Chumbo had as well as a couple other land shots.
Featuring Andrew Cotton, Lucas Fink, Lucas Chumbo Chianca, Nic Von Rupp, Ian Cosenza, Mason barnes and more.
Also at 1:31 there was an edit error. meant to just say getting towed in!
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