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Enjoy 14 Minutes of Perfect Pipeline/Backdoor.
1st Part from 0:00 - 4:35 is a montage of land and drone angels.
2nd Part from 4:36 - 7:51 is all drone video from pipe/backdoor
3rd Part from 7:52 - 10:56 is drone and a little bit of land angels.
4th Part which features some of the most epic waves of the day from the land is a must watch - 10:57
Valentines Day Swell showed up at Pipeline/Backdoor and it ended up being perfect pipe conditions for 2 days. This is footage from the 14th. John John, Nathan, And Ivan Florence were getting perfect barrels all day. Koa Smith Sent the biggest air of the day. Mark Healy with one of the longest Barrels of the day. And so much more.
@John John Florence @Koa Rothman @Eli Olson @Nathan Florence
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